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Default My Bilateral Journey

I have posted in outside the box but its more relevant here.And May help anyone with this bilateral problem.

I only started swimming in my late 50s and had my first ever proper lesson in March 2011. However I have progresed to this year swimming 2 Miles in The Great North Swim Windemere 1hr 17m and 2.4miles in the Epic Swim in Derwentwater 1hr 38m. BUT it was all done unilaterally and the times are not that great even if I am 62 it should be better.

After Derwentwater I was a bit achey and a few days later got a lot of neck pain which I have put it down to my one sided breathing.
When I started swimming my goal was to just be able to turn round after 25m and come back without having to gasp at the wall so I have acheived that but in the process not listened enough.

I re watched my videos from various coaches who all told me I was moving my head about or moving my laser beam over my arm etc etc but I must have been deaf cos It never got thro to me. Only the pain in my neck made me look at them again and decide I have to correct my one sided breathing.

BUT now I hear what they told me! And also I already had the Perpetual Motion DVD which I had only used as a Reference before !!!!!(Sorry Terry) I would urge you to buy one as it seems to be working for me.My rush to swim further had stopped me learning the basics and so my foundations need rebuilding I think. So I have started to use it I dowloaded the guide on how to use it but me being the way I am I have planned a way that I think will suit me.

My plan is to spend 90 mins plus on each lesson but repeat if not happy with my performance. And do at least 3 sessions a week for ten weeks. I will be happy if I am able to swim unilaterally on my wrong side. 3 strokes bilateral would be a bonus.

Anyway a week and a bit in this is how it has gone
I spent 3 sessions on lesson 1 and 2 lesson .The first two sessions 200m of each step or substep that Terry recommended and the Third session a review where I did 100m of each step or sub step.
Lessons one and two were easy to remember I just watched them a few times and committed them to memory before I went to the Pool. But lessons 3 and 4 I took notes and laminated them as they are not easily remembered a transcript of the video would be really helpful but also the action of writing it down helps me.
My Fourth and Fifth sessions were Lesson 3 and some reviewing of previous lessons .Especially Super man Glide but also the weak spot that has shown up I was finding turning back to skate from an interrupted breath really hard on my poor side. So I did more of that.
Today My sixth Session I moved on to Lesson Four and also reviewed previous steps especially my weak point above.
To My amazement I did a cool down swim 100m an I did 50m poor side breathing and 50 m bilateral and this is the best I have ever felt it was a dream.I couldn't believe it felt so comfortable.So as not to ruin it I got out while feeling good.
I guess I am on the right track so the next session will be Lesson 4 again with some reviewing and then on to lesson 5.
Hope this helps but certainly for me no amount of just trying to do more poor side breathing was doing anything. to cure a fundemental error and Deafness! back to basics seems to be working for me.

I'll check back in a few days
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