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Mike from NS

Hi Grant,

Thanks !

You have stuck with it for sure. Congratulations to you as well. As far as play ... we learn the most through play time when major concerns can be distracted by the "fun stuff". It was only the early years in my learning to swim process that thoughts of "this isn't for me" crept into thought. But I chased them away.... being a stubborn type has kept me going. No desire or ambition to compete or swim really fast. The real draw was in the first lines of the first TI video I watched ... where Terry says .... "do you want to swim well and enjoy the experience" ... or something like this.
I was hooked at that moment.

Opps got to get going ... another lane swim is about to begin at the "summer" pool.

Take care,

If you're not swimming; then you should be skiing......
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