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Default Help with bilateral breathing

I've been breathing only to the right side for a couple of years (usually after four strokes -- left arm, right arm, left arm, breathe on right arm). I've done this for several reasons:
-- Water would go into my ear if I tried breathing to the left
-- My left shoulder/arm don't have the range of motion that my right arm does, partly because of an old arm injury and partly because it just doesn't
-- My (very good) swim coach told me he only breathes to the right and that it's OK
-- It just felt better

Now, I want to breathe bilaterally (every 3 strokes). After playing around with this a little bit, I'm convinced I could swim much better / farther / more relaxed if I could get this. I've bought earplugs to keep water out of my ears.

Problem? I can barely do it. When I try breathing to the left, my right spearing arm collapses completely, my head jerks up out of the water, and the swim falls apart. Breathing to the left just doesn't come naturally to me (and that's an understatement).

What drills, etc. can I do to get this where it needs to be?
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