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Thanks for the reply and explanation Stuart. Also thanks for the words of encouragement. I tend not to be as driven a swimmer as most here are. I "play" and "mindfully study and practice" different aspects and drills that I come upon; all the while with the efforts to improve balance, being better streamlined and endurance. Recall the discussion a couple of years back when I asked for the secret to "continuance". To be able to go and go ... length after length without stopping at the wall was my desire. I was amazed at the longevity that thread experienced. Charles and many others offered many suggestions. Charles said to go slowly, others said to just do it ! And some said to hold out a reward for reaching a goal. Today I bested my 8 lengths of yesterday with 10 continuous lengths. Not a big deal for most but, sadly for me it is. I still had energy to keep going but have to save something for another time. My goal now it to do this with focus on smoothing things out and working on balance and on being better streamlined. The outdoor pool will be closing in a week so my swimming frequency will suffer once more; but I have learned a number of things to take back to the other pools.

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