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Originally Posted by Mike from NS View Post
Hi Stuart,

That video shows it all .....

But, there was no mention of feeling the power from the leg's kick cross through the core to the opposite arm's extension. I recall a discussion about this a year or so ago. Suzanne was a key player in that discussion I think.

As I watch this video it seems to me that the kick follows, ever-so-slightly, the opposite arm's spear, rather than the kick instigating the roll and the drive of the arm to extension (and stretch) from the power of the kick. Is this correct or not?

I'm finally to the point of being able to complete 100 M non stop, when I try and 50M whenever I think about it. Not a pretty 100 but getting there .... used to be that I was very happy just to make the3 wall after 25M. Managed a 150 the other day.

Hi Mike,

Thanks and yes, this was only about timing. Created at students' request (on my iPhone!) for post workshop review. The hip starts and kick finishes rotation - kicking from the glutes. I prefer to describe the action as inside out, whole body movement, kick connected to rotation; not outside in, timing spearing arm with the kick.

Great news about 100's. Stick with that. I rarely have my my masters squad go past 100 before refocus, i.e 10x50, 20x100, 10 alternating 50 & 100 all at changing tempos, pyramids pushing failure point, and sustainable or negative split sets.. If a swimmer is racing a 1/2 or full IM, a time trial (or two) 4x300 neg split SPL on a sustainable tempo, i.e. 1st 300 17 spl, 2nd 300 16 spl, 3rd and 4th 300 15 spl, each 300 same *sustainable* tempo.

Keep up the good work!

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