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Originally Posted by Mike from NS View Post
I'm headed for the pool in an hour and today will focus on being streamlined and breathing out more consistently -- and see if this helps. Nothing new ... but maybe more goal oriented this time.
I'd say, DON'T be goal oriented--that only leads to frustration if you can't get your goals, or boredom if they're too easy.

Instead, focus on the PROCESS with a gentle, non-judgmental curiosity--but an INTENSE curiosity. If you can build a habit of being engaged with the results of every little movement and every variable of your stroke, it becomes endlessly fascinating. So, when you notice something (I'm out of breath after one length), ask WHY. Really get curious about this asking WHY, and you'll always have something to pay attention to as you swim. And that will lead to results--but it also leads to a nice detached open-minded curiosity that doesn't allow frustration or boredom into the picture.

I've been swimming TI for about 10 years (off and on) and am still really curious and engaged about almost every length I swim. It's the best part of TI--and it's where the best results come from, too.

Focus on process, not goal--or maybe, MAKE process your goal (i.e. I'll swim this next length focused on elbow lead recovery and see how that feels)

Good luck!
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