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Originally Posted by CharlesCouturier View Post

My main fear, as far as my own athletes are concerned, isn't injury, it's performances. However, it's definitely possible to irritate articulations (shoulders, but also elbows) in "trying too much". The 2 technical issues that you mention which are often blamed for shoulder impingement are relatively easy to control. I understand both of them.
Yes, sure, I understand your point.
What I wanted to say is that although that 'maintaining the same SPL' at higher rates does give you the idea of some underlying consistency in fact this is elusive: swimming with an SPL of 17 at a rate of 1.4 or swimming with an SPL of 17 at a rate of 0.7 means that you have to double the speed with which your arms move. And that is where (at least for me) all those pointers that are 'easy to control' are not so easy to control any more.
I still believe the problem is the rate and not the SPL. Again, I think we amateur swimmers tend to have problems with too high SPL at high stroke rates and not with too low SPL. Wish I had the choice to say 'do I want to swim a few 25m laps at 0.8 with an SPL of 15 or of 18 today?'
I absolutely agree with the point is the 'too'. But I doubt it that we really have a problem here with a SPL that is 'too' low - at high rates. It sounds slightly academic to me.

BTW I don't mean to offend you, on the contrary. I appreciate your posts.
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