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does this question 'why does it hurt to swim too fast at low SPL' mean that it hurts when swimming fast with a low SPL but not when swimming fast with a high SPL?
My personal experience is getting shoulder problems from swimming extensively at higher stroke rate. I know that in my capabilities I don't have the choice to swim at a too low SPL at a fast speed - I'd be happy if I could swim with a lower SPL at a high rate.
I don't know how many of us here really have problems with too low SPL at fast speeds.

I absolutely agree that shoulder problems come into place when the arm is in front. When 'pulling' the shoulder is in a quite safe position. Unless you pull with a straight arm downwards.

Also, I do use less rotation when swimming faster, it mainly happens on it's own. But I also try to rotate less at faster rates since it is difficult to maintain rotation at higher rates and it seems to be a loss of energy.
Theoretically it should be worse for your shoulders to rotate more since you need more internal rotation in the shoulder while stretching out the arm in front. And that internal rotation can kill the shoulder.

Also, Andy, I personally shorten my stroke at higher rates and my 'pull' phase is definitively shorter (in relation to the entire stroke cycle) at fast rates than at slow rates - time-wise and travel-distance-wise.

Originally Posted by CharlesCouturier View Post
Why would it hurt to ride your bike on too big of a gear? (i.e. riding a time trial event at 50rpm for example)
Why would it hurt to run a 10k with a longer stride than you should?
Yes, it's the obvious, but I don't think it applies here. The pull phase is not the problem for the shoulder, it's the EVF and catch, or entering the water while internally rotating the shoulder (thumbs first). So the problem might be a technical problem related to a too strong catch or something like that at faster rates. Which would mean the problem is related to the speed and not to the SPL - unless someone applies force in an adverse shoulder position only when swimming fast with a low SPL - and not when swimming fast with a high SPL.
You never know.
But I don't think the shoulder problem comes from applying too much 'pull' power at a fast rate with low SPL.
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