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Default Time prowler here yet this is my first post

Hello there,

I am long time prowler here yet this is my first post. I've been rehearsing TI in excess of 8 months now, first self guiding then with mentor Stuart (incredible mentor however perhaps not all that good answering to messages, haha :-).

I know one of the TI mantras is to "never practice battle". So focused around that rule this time I haven't generally swam more than 100 yards at the time and would stop when I would perceive my stroke falling apart and stroke tally beginning to go up. I swam a considerable amount, normally 6 times/week for 45-60 min.

I made some extraordinary upgrades to my stroke, particularly since beginning to work with mentor Stuart. However then a week ago I did olympic separation tri and couple hundred yards into the swim my stroke broke apart and I had really intense swim and to a degree frustrating time. However this is not what my inquiry is about.

The thing is, few days after the fact in the pool I recognized the amount less demanding the swimming has ended up. The greater part of the sudden I could now swim 300 yards pretty effectively and keep the stroke tally predictable. Its like that 1500 yard swim, despite the fact that I working on only battle for everything except 200 yards, has developed some perseverance which now permits me to swim longer separates skillfully.

So my inquiry is - perhaps we do need to do longer sets to plan for more swims ? Regardless of the fact that we may not be blazing the most productive stroke into the muscle memory we are building muscle perseverance that then permits to practice proficient stroke for more separations. Obviously I am talking intermittent long set, perhaps 1000 yards once a week. I ponder what are your considerations about this or on the off chance that you had comparable encounters with this ?
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