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Default So How Should Good Propulsion Feel

In reading about the controversy between straight armed and EVF propulsion, I am becoming more confused. I think I understand about hip drive/core rotation sources of propulsion. Lord knows I might actually use them from time to time. But it seems that I get most of my forward momentum from the action of pulling through the water. It goes something like this:

1. I spear softly with my recovering hand.
2. I immediately begin my rotation to the opposite side.
3. Flip my recovery forearm and hand to vertical position (anchor) or as close as I can get to that position.
4. Continue rotating to other side as I begin pull in anchor position.
5. Finish rotation and glide as set up to do it all over again.

Here's my problem. I think I'm getting most my propulsion from the pulling action but from what I read and what I heard Natalie Couglin say, it sounds like I should be getting most of it from the core. It almost sounds like I should be sticking my arm in anchor position and rotating off of it. In other words my arm should only change position because my body is moving forward , not because I'm pulling water with it. But it looks like Shinji and others are pulling water at least some of the time. So should I be doing work with my arms or should they just be going along for the ride? After the initial catch, should I stop pulling and count on rotation only for the follow through? Is the pulling action I feel actually from the catch?

As you can see, I'm pretty confused.
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