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I've had the opportunity to observe first-hand with the Texas men's team, as I've known Eddie Reese quite well since 1978 and have visited him every few years since. I can characterize what I observed on my two most recent visits as they represented different times in the season and thus different goals and considerations.
My most recent visit was late Oct 2007. They were past the early season "base" phase, but not yet in the midst of the dual-meet "competitive" phase. There was moderate specialization, but the training was relatively standard across groups. It was quite challenging, but not especially demanding for swimmers of that caliber. The volume may have been 8k-10k SCY per day. In one set I recall, the entire team did 10 x 200 Free on 2:30, which is plenty of rest yet still aerobic. I think everyone was averaging in the low 1:50s. Ricky Berens (who made the Olympic 800 FR 8 months later) descended from 1:45 to 1:43, holding 11-12 SPL. It was gorgeous.

My second-most recent visit was in January 2006. They had just swum a weekend dual meet with Arizona. While they won the meet, Eddie felt the team didn't look as sharp as he would like, considering that the conference championship was perhaps 3 weeks away. During my visit, Mon thru Wed, I saw little volume and no "work" until Wed afternoon. Most of their swimming was at warmup/recovery pace with strong technique focus interspersed with brief, but non-fatiguing bursts of "brisk" (not hard) swimming that I thought of as "nervous system tuneups."

I think he was watching them closely for signs of "pep" and sharpness. Apparently he saw such signs on Wed morning, because that afternoon what they did more closely resembled the training most people would expect of an elite team.

I think most would have been quite surprised to see how much restorative training followed the dual meet before they increased intensity again.
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