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Default Swimmers peak performance curve?

I know there is a lot of factors that may affect a swimmers performance at a meet --- wearing a suit, shaving etc etc. but all things equal is there any hypotheses about a curve on a swimmers ability to perform at a meet?

Take for example this chart, where the -# is equal to the number of weeks before taper meet and +# is weeks after taper meet. The swimmer with this curve would have hit the perfect taper.


I am wondering if this is how the curve may appear or if it would look more rounded or if it levels off where peak performance is possible for 4-5 days. Is there any research that has been done on this subject?
I am wondering because if a swimmer can compare his practice times before and after a taper meet then he/she could more accurately predict when their perfect date for taper may have been. This may help a swimmer in structuring a better taper for future seasons. Thank you!!
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