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Thanks--it just seems that reasons for breathlessness are either poor balance, failure to inhale and/or exhale correctly, tenseness, and lifting the head to breathe.
I use to swim a 25 m length at an average of 42 to 45 seconds--really slow, but I did not run out of air. Stroke rate was probably 30 or above. When I started TI, I was consumed with the need to reduce my SPL and I did. But SR of 30 and breathing on every other stroke, meant I was taking 15 breaths. SR of 20 meant only 10 breaths. Couldn't this be a reason for being out of breath? Maybe it just requires a matter of conditioning to get use to new SR? I do work out in gym for at least 5 days and swim for about 45 minutes 5 or 6 days a week. Guess I don't know what it takes.
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