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Default Exploring Tempo and SPL in a 50m pool

I've swum nearly every day this week but haven't posted simply because I've been revisiting the practices I did last week. I'm recovering slowly from something that really cut into my stamina and strength so I've done purely restorative swimming for the past week to 10 days. During that time I did very little timed or tempo swimming, just repeating the same four to five Focal Points. Today I felt a little better so I did the following.

Saturday 3 September 2000LCM at Ulster County Pool
400 Cruise. I held pretty consistent at 45 SPL which is a few strokes higher than usual for a 50m pool at this easy a pace.

Main Set 20 x 50 as below
6 x 50 Slowing Tempo 1.14-1.16-1.18-1.20.1-22-1.24.
SPL dropped from 43 to 41.
14 x 50 Increasing Tempo in .01 increments (1.23-1.22-1.21, etc) from 1.23 to 1.06. I finished at 44 SPL, but was 43 SPL at 1.07. So my 29th 50 was 3 seconds faster (.07 x 43) faster than my first at same stroke count.

Late Afternoon 1200m Gentle and Perfect at Lake Minnewaska
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