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Originally Posted by paznut7 View Post
Greetings all!

I am new to TI swimming and quite eager. I love being in the water but have struggled to swim (imagine the classic problems Terry spoke of). I've started self-coaching and am taking it very slow to develop good habits rather than rush on to the next skill just for the sake of it. I'm working mastering the Superman Glide with strokes. I've tried the elbow swing but find that I'm having trouble getting my elbow as high out of the water as the dvd shows because my body is deep in the water. Any advice or thoughts on this?
There are quite a few steps in the TI drill sequence between Superman Glide and the drills where we first have you bring your elbow out of the water, so I'm not clear on where, exactly, you're running into trouble. For example, do you have any problems rotating from Core Balance to Sweet Spot and back again?

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