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See this is where it all falls down for me, i found that in order to do any of the recovery drills i needed to be highly rotated on my side to perform fingertip drag / sharkfin / sailboat drills etc

otherwise the elbow / upper arm got behing the scapular plane

this is ok when drilling but apply that to full stroke swimming and your left with a slow stroke rate rolling from one side to the other etc

Now i know it can be done using scapular retraction (and this is how i swim) but i found it is much easier to blend the exit into a semi straight arm recovery for a higher more continuous stroke rate

If you really want to crack it (your op) then my tip for you is to really extend that lead arm out from the shoulder this will kind of give you a scapular retraction across the back and make it easier to get your recovering arm out of the water
so spear in and reach massively forward and as you pulling arm is exiting you will feel it pulled more in to the trunk by the shoulder baldes retracting across the back
(dont let it get behind the scapular plane though its a fine balance swing the arm out away from the body dont pull it over and behind the back)
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