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Default Shoulder injuries from beginners class freestyle

My journey to master freestyle is no success so far. After doing a beginners class (Traditional front crawl" not TI) and moving from 0 to 50 meter front crawl in the period january to april I got pains in my right shoulder. Not severe pains in april but enough to make me stop swimming. Due to my bad technique (videos show my hands crossing the "midline") I was about to start the Total Immersion drills (bought the Ultra-Efficient Freestyle course) but decided to take no risk. I feel the pains in the shoulder when I move my arm backwards ( like reaching my jeans backpacket or buckling the seat belt). Four moths later its better (guess 30 of the pain is gone) but I still have pain and do no swimming. Aynone else experiencing this? Are there excerises I should do to recover faster? When I start swimming again, will the TI method put less stress on the shoulders than traditional freestyle?
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