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Originally Posted by scribe3 View Post
When I learned to do the breaststroke. I developed a bad habit, that I wasn't aware of until a lifeguard mentioned it. It seems after my kick, and while I am gliding a tend to have a little flutter kick. The lifeguard said it was probably do to my lower body sinking because I am gliding to long, before my next pull cycle

I was just wondering if some of you guy's would give to feedback, as well.
Do you have any tendency to do a flutter kick when you're streamlining off the wall? Finishing a breaststroke kick shouldn't be inherently different.

One useful way to practice a breaststroke kick is to do it on your back, which eliminates the need to think about breathing. If you're finishing your kick properly, you should feel your body soaring forward at the end of each kick, and you shouldn't feel any need to flutter kick.

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