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Default help requd reg swim goggles

I am Harish from India. Because of limited availability of Aqua Sphere (a decent brand with sufficient reviews), I will be buying from USA. I want to be more sure since I am ordering from abroad and I don't have the option of either trying or replacement.

I will sum up my limited understanding of swimming goggles and then you can correct me with your wisdom

There are 5 types of lenses:

Clear: Can be used only indoors.

Tinted: Depending upon the darkness of tint, it can be used outdoors. Very Dark lenses can ONLY be used outdoors. Medium tint can only be used both outdoors and indoors.

Smoked: Don't exactly understand the distinction between smoked and tinted. I think smoked is some form of tinted lens only.

Polarized: Very good for bright sunlight as they block the reflective glare from water. Less reviews about polarized since it is available only in kayenne and more expensive than other models.

Mirrored: Again, don't exactly understand this. What I read was mirrored lens is good for bright sunlight (as it reflects sunlight) but without the dark tint, how will it limit the amount of light entering the eyes? But I read decent reviews about mirrored lens

I am fine to buy one or two goggles which will suit swimming in bright sunlight and swimming in late evenings/indoors for both backstroke and freestyle. Freestyle will be major area of focus. Kindly tell me which one or two goggles shall I buy.

Also, regarding type of goggles, Aqua Sphere has Kayenne and Kaiman and Seal mask. I understand the final choice may depend on individual comfort but still which ones shall I prefer. I have neither too fat, nor too slim face as such. Seal mask gives very broad view I think but not sure about the other performance of seal mask (leakage etc)
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