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I too am a beginner although I have progressed a lot following the drills and the general TI principles. I have now gone on to being able to breathe efficiently in whole stroking. I have found the snorkel for myself useful in the right place and situations to fine tune certain aspects of rotation, catch and balance.

However, on thinking about it a little, and recalling that I started the TI process exactly like it was recommended in the teaching manual and videos, I think there is a lot to be said for starting right at the beginning in the shallow pool, floating face down in Fish, in Superman, and in Skate positions, experiencing experimenting somewhat in balance, focusing on that aspect only, and standing up when you need to breathe. At the end of this process, you develop a sense of security and confidence in your own capabilities and survival ability with no gadgets or artificial aids. I suspect I may not have got that if I had used a snorkel from the very beginning.

Just my thoughts from a personal perspective.

I guess what I am thinking is that, despite the attraction of getting your eventual shopping list all set up, all you really need to get started is a pool, swim suit, goggles and the TI course video and/or book!

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