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Default Queries reg Freestyle, Snorkel and Goggles etc

Dear All,

I am Harish, 32 from India. I am starting (as beginner) to learn freestyle on self coaching. My queries are:

1. In the store, I can find 1) Ultra efficient freestyle toolkit, 2) Outside the box: TI program for success in open water, 3) O2 in H2O: Self help course on breathing in swimming, 4) Turn TI way: longer pushoffs, faster turns.

My query: are any of 2), 3) or 4) included in tookit? Is only toolkit sufficient to be bought/followed first?

2. Will a routine smoked goggles be fine for practicing back balancing in afternoon hours in open pool? Are there goggles particularly made very dark tinted? Also, can the clear lens swim goggles be tinted dark by an optician (by spray etc or by usual tinting process)?

3. Is snorkel recommended or will it help in bettering my strokes? If yes, which snorkel should be bought? I mean is there any special snorkel for freestyle swimming or the usual snorkel for diving would do? Any references would be helpful

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