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Default Back Injuries/shoulder

I fill your pain. Many years ago I injured my back in the Navy. I retired from the Navy with 70% VA disability, 40% due to the back injury. When the surgeon did my back operation he told me I had a 9 on a 10 scale herniated disk. The operation in the early 90's helped, but the problem was still there. Two years ago the back pain had me slowly easing in and out of bed with great difficulty and I was slowly freezing up as far as bending, to the point I could not put on my socks in the morning. Two years ago I got seriously involved with TI, swimming daily, I attended a work shop and now the Coach certification. Today I have lost 4 inches off my waist and repaired my core stomach and lower back muscles. My back pain has completely gone away, except when I lay off swimming for a week or two. Then I can feel the pain slowly returning. Its My opinion people with similar problems should give TI a chance before going under the knife. As a bonus my shoulder was in a lot of pain when I started two years ago and now it has greatly improved. This time before I tried any shoulder surgery.
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