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Default Happy Valentine's Day

I have snickered many times reading the "why don't women post" thread thinking to myself "these guys just don't get it". As I've been on and off the site throughout the day I thought I'd just see how long, if it even occurred, it would take someone to just pop up and say "Hey everyone, Happy Valentines Day". Well it's 3:42 US Eastern Time and no one has done it so I'll do it.

In my humble opinion (okay so maybe not so humble but I'll fake it just this once) one of the things that the TI site lacks is a human touch. It has to be welcoming and yes a tiny bit warm and fuzzy. This site is one of TI's best marketing tools and as such I would suggest that Terry and his coaches have a vested interest in it catering to all types of swimmers and genders.

So Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Terry I commit to doing my part to not just hit the "X" and shut down when the conversation gets too mechanical and my eyes start to glaze over. I have found so much pleasure in TI and I take it as my personal responsibility to "Pass It On"
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