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Default Sometimes you just have to start from scratch

After the ever so humbling experience of watching myself swim, I decided it was time to start all over and just enjoy the process. That was a couple of weeks ago and I did just that - I pulled out my DVD, started again on lesson one and started drilling. I swim/drill about an hour a day and spend at least as much time reviewing the DVD and watching IT up on YouTube.

I took CoachSuzanne's advice and quit worrying about getting from one side of the pool to the other and concentrated on the aspect of the drill that I was doing.

On my way to the gym this morning I had a chance to speak with my Dad and found out that he was going to be at the gym going to rehab at just about the time I would be in the pool. I told him if he had a minute to come into the pool and say hi just because I haven't seen him face to face in a couple of weeks. To my surprise, I looked up at the end of one of my drill laps and there he stood watching me. He questioned that I was not really kicking so I gave him the readers digest version of what TI is. The life guard, a middle aged lady who also gives lessons, was standing just close enough to listen in and was interested enough to come over and join the conversation. I should mention that the pool was basically empty and she had been sitting there watching me for almost an hour at this point. I said "If I'm splashing, I'm doing it wrong -am I splashing". To my surprise her answer was "Oh no, you look so in tune with the water. I've been watching you and am amazed at the change you've made in just the last few weeks."


And it gets even better - I've been really bummed because there are just no TI coaches around here. Last week my boss called and told me I would have a new 'deal' to add to my already full schedule and that it is in Boca Raton Florida. I almost screamed with joy when I looked up Florida coaches on the TI site. I'm already working on scheduling private lessons.
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