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Hey Joel,

You make it look so easy! And you're around 15 or less strokes and 1:10 tempo - nice! You can go at a slightly higher tempo too (1:05, 1:00) now since cleaning up your high side arm, removing unnecessary movements. Excellent 5 & 7 release and swinging arm away from body.

There is still a slight deceleration on left side entry, and laying a bit flat. The low side (right) arm is moving a bit too soon, impulse to pull to rotate which causes left flat entry. Hold right low-side arm in front, hold your right edge longer until high side (recovery) slices in fingertips first, wrist then elbow. Use the perception accelerate left side entry, this will turn off the shoulder and allow momentum and gravity take the arm. But it will feel like an awkward acceleration at first.

Coach Dave and I will be in Coronado April 12-15 training TI coaches. On Sunday (4/15) coach trainees will be doing private lessons and Dave and I will be monitoring and observing. This will be a great opportunity to come and get some one on one with a new coach as well as from Dave and me. You'll get a couple of videos and analysis during the lesson. Just $55 - bargain. Here's the link to register:

Let me know if you have any questions and hope to see you in Coronado!

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