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Originally Posted by Streak View Post
This past weekend I had a saltwater fly fishing event on Coronado Island. I also happened to notice that Dave Cameron was conducting a TI course on Coronado as well. So after my fishing event I headed off looking for the course.

There I found both Stuart and Dave strutting their stuff with a whole bunch of eager students. It was really interesting observing how they go about the course evident in only the couple of hours I was there.

I have some great photo/video from the event and if I get permission will post some of it here. I am sure I counted Dave torpedoing through the water doing 10 SPL for 25 yards! Seeing Stuart practicing what he preaches was also very motivating.

While chatting to Dave he mentioned Dshen so afterwards I went looking for some of his material.

I found this great article which is a great reminder of some of the things we tend to forget

And this led me on to find all of his TI blog articles which make very interesting reading

enough to keep you busy in the pool for many months doing many of the exercises he talks about.

Happy reading.

Hey Streak thanks for the link to my blog. The old blog is still up at, but my new blog is now here at My swimming posts are all in the Swimming category here:

I'm glad you got to experience both Coaches McDougal and Cameron. Both of them have been very transformative in my own training and my knowledge and growth as a TI coach. I am fortunate both visit the SF Bay often!
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