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Default 20 x 100 with Tempo and SPL

Sunday 28 Aug 2000LCM at Ulster County Pool

I'm still not feeling totally in the pink, but I at least wore a pink cap today.;-)

Tuneup 4 x 100 Perfect/Cruise. I didn't use the Tempo Trainer on these. I only counted strokes. 1-3 I took 81 strokes (for 100m). On #4 I took 80.

Main Set 16 x 100 Tempo Pyramid
I started with Tempo at 1.14, then slowed by .04 each 100 until Tempo reached 1.30--guesstimating that I could hit stroke count from Tuneup somewhere in this range. Then I increased tempo by .02 returning to 1.14 and added another 2 x 100, increasing just .01 on each.
My starting stroke count was 89 for 100m at 1.14 (Time 1:49.4)
My lowest stroke count was 80 at 1.30 (Time 1:53.1)
My final stroke count at 1.12 was 87 (Time 1:45.2)

I'm quite happy about taking two fewer strokes at 1.12 than I had at 1.14 at start of set. And obviously it converted into a 4-second improvement for 100m.
I plan to do a 2nd swim today at Lake Minnewaska in late afternoon.
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