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Originally Posted by terry View Post

I've been swimming at Minnewaska fairly regularly since June 18

Main Set 5 x 400m on 9:00
Increase tempo by .02 sec on each 400 (1.18-1.16-1.14-1.12-1.10) and take times. Goal is to keep effort quite low and descend the set by maintaining stroke quality.
My times were 6:22-6:10-5:56-5:53-5:52. I decided to stop the set after 5 repeats because of diminishing returns.
Hi Terry, I assume your practices at Minnewaska are cable swims, right?

Moreover, is the lake generally in perfect flat conditions so that you can reliably compare your times within a session and over different sessions?
In the lake where I use to (cable) swim it's always hard for me to collect reliable data: I find that even light currents affect my times quite a lot and currents vary not only from session to session, but sometimes also during the same session (ie within 1 hour or so).
While I find it funny to try adapting stroke rate to water conditions (for me it's better to swim at slower rates when current assisted and higher rates when I'm against current), every time I go for an open water swim I never know what times to expect.

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