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Default Race Pace Practice

Wed 13 April 2400y at SUNY

Two weeks from tomorrow, I swim my first race at Masters Nationals--1650y free. So I have only a few more opportunities to practice/imprint the paces I would like to race at in my four events: 100-200-500-1650 Free.

This evening (I swam from 8:15-9:15 pm quite unusual for me) was my first time in several weeks in a 25y pool (same course in which I'll be racing). I've been swimming exclusively in 25m and 50m pools most of the last month. The way I swam tonight suggests it's been good for me.

Tuneup: 500 Continuous 50FR-25BK
I held 14 SPL for both FR and BK. 14SPL for BK is usually a stretch for me. Tonight it came easily.

Tempo Pyramid 10 x 50 from 1.10>1.16>1.10
I did this pyramid with the smallest possible tempo change, slowing by .02 for 4 x 50 and increasing by .01 for 6 x 50.
50y stroke count was 30 at the start, decreased to 28 and I finished at 29, for a 1.1 sec improvement from the first 50.
I did this to prepare for my main task--swimming at race pace, but slightly lower stroke counts.

Main Task
3 x 200 FR on 3:30 - 1 each at 15-16-17 SPL
3 rounds of 4 x 100 on 1:50. In each round, 1 x 100 each at 14-15-16-17 SPL
I did this to work on my goal pace for 1650.
On Mar 12 I swam this event in 23:10. In my blog 1390 Seconds of Unwavering Focus, I described this as the best swim of my life.
At Nationals I'd like to experience somewhere between 1365 and 1379 seconds of even stronger focus.
In other words I'd like to break 23:00 and if I have a fantastic swim to perhaps go as fast as 22:45. To swim that fast, I must average 1:22.7 per 100y to swim that fast.
On the 200s I swam
2:47 at 15 SPL
2:44 at 16 SPL
2:42 at 17 SPL
I exceeded my goal here.

I swam the 3 rounds of 4 x 100, as follows
#1 with perfect form @ 14 SPL
#2 with light but precise stroke pressure @ 15 SPL
#3 consciously using my hips more @ 16 SPL
#4 brisk and controlled @ 17 SPL
Round #2 was my best. I swam 1:21 @ 16 SPL and 1:20 @ 17 SPL.

Tonight's practice was a very encouraging indicator two weeks away from Nationals.
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