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I will be interested to follow you with this quest if you wouldn't mind updating as you progress that would be great. I'm not currently an active triathlete, but I did the swim portion of an IM relay for some friends several years ago. I swam a little over 55 in a wetsuit so not sure what that would equate to without probably a few minutes. I was swimming about 20,000 yards a week and doing all speed work and no long swims I just kept my normal Masters program on the table. A 60 flat IM swim is ~ 1:25 100 yard pace. I'm not a TI follower in practice, but have started following along here as a close friend has taken to it and he asks me all kinds of questions about things like distance per stroke which are not things I have ever focused on. I enjoy learning new things so will be quite interested to see how this works out for you as you manipulate the variables.

Do you envision ever increasing your stroke rate to break the hour? I ask b/c to swim 4200 yards in an hour there is a substantial fitness level that has to be achieved and 2-3 days might be a tough thing. 4-5 for sure you can get it done. Will be extremely interested to see how this works for you please keep us updated.

If I could offer up one more thing about the crowd you will be with for a 60 flat or better swim. There is a lot of drafting and it's close quarters so prepare to have people touching you and getting bumped around, hands and arms etc. That was one thing I was a little surprised with b/c drafting isn't something I was used to in that proximity. Of course the start is always crazy, then it thinned a bit as the overzealous tired out after a few hundred meters and then the packs formed. Another way to find some speed to get from your 1:43 pace to the 1:25 pace you need is to make sure you are making the most of the draft b/c it is a huge factor. I don't know what your drafting skills are currently, but if they are not good you could potentially pick up 10 seconds per 100 by honing great drafting skills. At any rate, swimming with the 60 flat and faster crowd gets really bumpy and frisky so train to that scenario if you can. In some ways it's easier in those packs once the fitness is there, but if you aren't prepared to have people 'in your bubble' it can throw off the day.

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