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Default newbe. reached my peak - need coach.

hi everyone. I discovered TI about a year ago. im 43. I did the 2014 san diego TriRock Olympic (my first Tri). swimming was my least experienced discipline and I sucked! it took me 47 minutes to swim 1500 meters. I studied TI and hit the pool. one year later, 1500 meters in the pool is a constant 27 minutes!!! that's 20 minutes faster!

here is my problem. I have reached what I would consider "peak" self coaching status. I cannot break 1:43 per 100 (average). slower stroke, faster stroke, don't matter, cant seem to get to the next level.

I swim at minimum 2 days a week, but maintain a decent 3 days a week schedule that im in the pool. one day for speed, second for distance, and the third for drills.

I need a TI coach. I am in San Diego (chula vista to be exact). I need to break to the next level, and I think I have done all I can on my own. i have a 3 to 4 year Kona plan, and had set my goals and expectations to swim the 2.4 in an hour.

to share the best moments i have had so far with TI:
when i started swimming last year i would see people in the pool and think "wow, i wish i could swim like that". today, on a couple of occasions, i have had people ask me "do you swim for competition?" and just last week, i was told "wow, you have great technique". for this - i say THANKS Terry! TI rocks!!
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