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Originally Posted by ayesr View Post
Am still in the stage of fine tuning my foot-flick's amplitude, the spear entry noise level still has to be reduced (I need to look for the correct angle of attack at different speeds), oh, so many other focal points to iron out.

But we'll get there someday - developing endurance, being able to do the right stroke repeatedly - as CEO TL said, it may take time before we feel that we're there.

ATReides, try and try, experiment, focus...

I feel like I need to share my experience in attempting to put in the 2BK. I'll try not to make this too long.

I think I remember Rhoda saying that you should start off in a superman glide. So I did. Flicking each foot independently felt weird. Probaly a commentary on the sad state my coordinative abilities are in these days. But nevertheless easy enough. But I quicky realized that that wouldn't buy me anything unless I could flick and pull at the same time. Not wanting to venture into whole stroke, I decide that my version of a zipperswitch might be the trick. Uh oh. This isn't as easy as Shinji makes it look. But so long as I don't breathe, it seems to be working. Let's try it with breathing. Oops. I'm on the wrong leg. Pulling right, flicking left. This continued for the rest of the session. I tried whole stroke and my EV form seem to be shot to hell. What's happening to me. My right shoulder is sore. Even my old two legged flutter doesn't seem satisfactory. This has been a disaster. time to lift weights.

As I threw a few weights around, I thought about what had gone wrong. When my shoulder hurts, its because I'm trying to do high elbow without wide tracks. I realized that my SPL had skyrocked because I was so focused on timing the flick. Let's go back to the pool and see if I can fix some of this stuff.

I'll go to the outside pool. Water always seems to be a little "thinner" and its a 25 yd pool as opposed the 25 meter pool inside. This time I tried whole stroke but consciously slowed my stoke rate down. I gave myself time to "time" the flick. And it worked. I made several lengths with only a few mistakes. But I felt slower. I wonder if this is what Naj is talking about.

After my run on the treadmill, I decided to try a few more lengths. The coordinational problems showed up right away. But I decided, I could correct them on the fly. I went back to wide tracks and just swam. I made a lot of mistakes but on a couple of lengths, I was error free. And the feeling was spectacular. I seem to be flatter now. It could be my imagination but I thought there was definitely less drag. And my speed might have been a smidge better than the old way. And another byproduct of this little execise is that I don't worry about breathing as much. Okay, I'm sold. I wonder how long it will take before I'm not thinking about right/right and left/left. I think that I may not be rotating as much so I better keep that in mind. But as of now, I'm pretty satisfied with this little adventure.
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