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Default Hamstring...

ATR, the kick is driven, for me initially, by the upper leg. Though part of the propulsion of the 2BK allows you to "turn off" the tension and any movement in the kicking foot. This (the luxury of drafting or turning off of the energy) is due to the force created by the kick.

Eventually, the flick, a single kick, with just the right amount of force (this one has to find out for one-self) was driven from the lower torso (no longer the upper leg) or maybe a combination of both - from the gut and from the leg. Let me get back to you on this ATR.

On the whole, I don't think that there is danger of injury to your hamstring with the 2BK foot-flick. With the new 2BK foot-flick, I have not experienced muscle twinges, cramping, or pain.

I'll update you on developments (you do, too, please).

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