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Originally Posted by sk9hockey View Post
Thank you for your reply and for the valuable input. I was thinking that because my intended use for them would be for Triathlons (I'm moving up from Sprint to Olympic & Half Ironman in 2014 with the ultimate goal of an Ironman in 2015) that I should use them even though I believe in not using any aides. I'm very bottom heavy (5'9" 214lbs) how long did it take you to get used to them?
Training in them will not help you learn how to swim without them, learning how to balance as a "bottom heavy" triathlete is of paramount importance. When you learn how to do that, even WITH a wetsuit, your legs are freed up to be much more effective. The wetsuit changes how you swim so it's still valuable to train in your wetsuit maybe 1x a week for 2-3 weeks prior to your race, or race often enough that you know what it feels like, but I don't think you should be doing very much training in the lava pants. I discourage my athletes from purchasing them.
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