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Originally Posted by sk9hockey View Post
Hello, new to TI and new to Triathlons. Has anyone tried the Xterra Lava Pants? I started swimming in November 2012 and started to embrace TI in April 2013 and while I am happy with my progress, I am concerned that Lava Pants will effect my progress by aiding me too much and hindering my natural balance but since I've only competed in triathlons that require wetsuits should I make them part of my happy laps?
For me, a wet suit saves me about 5 minutes in a 1500m swim. In a triathlon race if it is wetsuit legal, who wants to give up 5 minutes. I use DeSoto two piece and sometimes I just use the Speedtube pants.

To do well in a triathlon you need to train as you will race (not every day, but often). So learning how to swim with a wetsuit or lava pants is important.

I have an indoor pool, in the winter I swim with wetsuit at pool temps of 68 degrees, in summer I swim without in pool temps of 72 degrees.

If you swim enough you will learn how to balance properly either way.

Whatever you decide "Just Keep Swimming."
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