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Originally Posted by cm67 View Post
Hello Cynthiam....whats your breathing interval?
Funny you ask... I've been working on every 4 in the pool, though I need to add a breath toward the end of 25m. I think as I get better at every 4 that I'll eventually be able to be comfortable at every 3. That's what I prefer, though until now it has been leaving me a bit out of breath after 25 or 50m.

I know, it sounds strange to feel more comfortable every 4 rather than every 3! There's something calming about every 4, maybe because I don't have equal comfort on both sides. But what's really strange to me is that I used to be much more comfortable breathing to the right, and now it's the opposite.

In open water, I usually breathe every 2 with the occasional every 3. I switch sides, though I breathe more to my left since that's become more comfortable. If the water is calm (and I'm relaxed) I breathe every 3, but it's usually at least a little choppy at the times when I swim.
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