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This is an interesting and also necessary thread. I for one prefer the concept of focal point over stroke thought. Coach Pam explained it well. Focal point is to me more encompassing while stroke thought seems to be more attuned to the physical movement of a stroke.

Your asking for input from forum participants only reinforces my belief that TI is unique in creating a positive sharing and learning environment, which is user friendly.

One of my frustrations through the past four years of TI has been the evolution of terminology. Teaching techniques surely evolve with time, case in point being the switch from a very drill oriented weekend workshop to one which brings an integration of whole stroke more into the time spent. This I believe to be a very positive move.

The other side of the coin is what seems to be a constant changing of terminology. I attended a weekend workshop and assisted Coach Mike from Chicago in two others. I also spent a week in Lake Placid with Coach Shane and a weekend with Coach Dave in Minn. I discussed with all three coaches that I do not see the benefits of changing terminology. Coach Dave made some valid points as to why zen was switched to swing and I buy it.

Is and has the concept and technique changed or is it just the semantics of it. If the later I believe there needs to be a higher threshold of reason.

How about a glossary of old vs new when changes are made. My main point is we all have to be on the same wave to be successful.

In closing kudos for seeking input. Hope to see you in VI and discuss in more depth.

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