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Originally Posted by haschu33 View Post
I don't have increase in appetite - not from swimming. There was a time when I went to work by bike, it took me about 45 min fast riding. I developed an incredible appetite at that time.

Like my dog did in autumn...

I am neither obsessed with a low stroke count nor with my weight.
So I never count calories. When I want to loose weight I even more don't care about calories. Eating less makes me hungry and then I start to eat junk food. I simply watch what I am eating, not how much. I eat 'good' food (my wife cooks really well), lot's of vegetables, no sweets and sugar, absolutely no junk food and I go out to eat only very rarely. I don't like fatty food anyway
I am vegetarian but that doesn't make a difference for the weight, I guess. And, no snacks.

The disadvantage of eating less is the decrease in the basic metabolic rate. The effect of that is that the body immediately starts to store (fat) if you eat more. So then you always have to stay at eating less, and you are always a little hungry. No fun.

There is a German nutritionist who was asked what he would do to loose weight. He simply said: eat more.

Good news of the day :-))
a vegetarian . . . I am not
My dad was a meat cutter...

My dog loved when my DAD came home...& so did I
he always brought home the best cuts of meat!

I guess I was brought up wrong!
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