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Originally Posted by krzych View Post
When you catch up with a slower swimmer you can feel his splashing.
In that case you can start doing a drill to slow down.
When someone yields you then it is his problem to overtake you.

What really annoys me in busy lanes are people who swim tragically, splash water around and not even stop for a moment to think about how they swim.
One doesn't have to slow down when overtaking a slower swimmer. This is a good time to practice a sighting stroke. Take a peek to see if someone is coming in the opposite direction. If no one is approaching, then swing out and pass the slower swimmer.

If someone is approaching, then one can practice drafting or swimming at a different tempo.

Why does it annoy you if people are swimming without thinking about how they swim? Everyone swims for different reasons. Not everyone cares about how the swim. Sometimes people just want to move up and down the pool withouth worrying about little details.
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