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Hello Eric(s),

just some thoughts to be thrown in:

- some of my students have synchronized a deep head/body (one or both sides) with a little overrotation and a recovery elbow behind their scapular planes (And added tension to reaqch for air and not to let it come in...). Have a look in ZT's thread "Never leave the scapular plane") and watch yourself...

- Mat's hint: Imagine you're lying on thin surface of ice and wan't break through while stroking and getting forward.

- As in my own case it might be a little too deep spear. Go back to skate and look if you're left-right-symmetric and have in mind your hand's position as targets for spear.

- Play around with your breathing patterns with some more weight to your weak side. R-R-L-R-R-L... or similar for strokes or laps. If air gets lean try to get more often air on your weak side or just breath only on your weak side for some minutes.

Best regards,
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