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I notice that as I roll, after a second or so, I will bob to the surface. So I am not at the surface when I start my rotation to air but somewhat submerged, I think.
That is normal. Floating to the surface indicates that you are relaxed and starting to have control over the balance of your vessel. Please take note of the position of your hips and legs as you should try to have them float towards the surface of the water as well.

As for stretching exercises for your neck, it will help but unless you're at elite level swimming, it is not really necessary. Once you gain control over the balance and stability of your vessel, you will instinctively make the necessary adjustment to overcome the inflexibility of your neck.

And don't forget to practise on both sides. Balance and stability of your vessel plays a major role in your whole stroke and not just with breathing.

Keep me posted of your progress.
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