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Not pathetic at all--I have a friend who says that an expert is nothing but a beginner with experience. I vividly remember not being able to complete a single 25y length when I started. Keep at it!

1. My wife took a video....very eye opening... (having trouble

1a. I am definitely Scissor kicking when breathing. i 100% never felt it...saw it in video. Any tips/drills for fixing this?

1B. im still struggling with skating... i sink i sink i sink...I try all sorts of ways. Could it be too much tension in my upper back? i have a developed upper back ( body building) and i notice when i reach arm striaight up in air, alot of tightness. Could the tightness in the skating, cause me to sink? is it my kick? looking for sliver of hope on this one :)
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