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Default Personalized Green Zone SPL (sets of 75m)

Hi again Coaches, find below my results and comments on the second experiment I've done to determine my adjusted Green Zone SPL. 1st experiment was swimming sets of 50m. Now I swam sets of 75m

I sam 2 times 16 sets of 75m within one week in a 25 course pool. Click below for detailed data of the experiment

As I made in the 1st experiment, I swam sets 1 to 6 as adaptation, starting TT at 1.30 (1.30, 1.28, 1.26, 1.24, 1.22, 1.20). SPL quite steady during these 6 sets (12-14 SPL/25m) and again below by far from my green zone according to chart (16-18).

The challenging section of the experiment starts when TT goes below 1.20 jumping down each by 0.2 Never broke my Green Zone BPL according to chart (18), my highest was 16 spl. Repeated 1 time last 75m at 1.00 to check out differences on times swimming 1st 1.00 with 2BK and 2ndd. with 6bk.

Take-aways from this experiment: My personalized Green Zone would be (14-16 BPL). I aprreciate any feedback on that conclusion?
Age: 44 years old
Height: 1.75m

Now I am ready to push myself really hard and swim at a very high pace for me (below TT 1.00) in sets of 100m as James Ewarts suggested. Let's see where is my Green Zone then!!
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