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Hello Sclim,

Werner: in this comparison between 2 days, in the first day the progression from TT 1.24 to 1.18 resulted in a marked degradation of SPL from 41 to 45; on the second day from 38/40 to 41/42. Why the improvement, do you think. Was it merely due to a longer exercise set and resulting fatigue the first day, and you had recovered by the second day and did the same TT sequence relatively earlier in the set?
Yes, think it's just a matter of poor stamina. a look at post #14 confirmed it. I really felt breathless and powered out after that 600m. And although TT 1.3sec is acted as slow motion it's the edge to extreme fast for me...

Swam several 100m sets yesterday with TT 1.3s with long rest intervals about 35 bongs. Would see how long I could stay in my "old GZ". Thought 10-15 repetitions should be feasible. Started with 39/41SPL; after 15 sets I was at 41/41SPL and after 30 at 43/43SPL. Glad about it, but what should be my new personal GZ?

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