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Default Personalized Green Zone

Hi everydody, find below my comments on the adjusted Green Zone experiment launched by Terry some week ago.

In my case I made the experiment twice in a 50m course pool doing the same task 2 within 10 days. My task was 16 sets of 50m. Click here for detailed data of the experiment

I used sets 1 to 6 as tune-up, starting TT at 1.30 (1.30, 1.28, 1.26, 1.24, 1.22, 1.20). SPL quite steady (31-32 SPL) and bit better in the 2nd test and below by far in both cases from my green zone according to chart (37-40).

After 1st 6 sets, "party starts"!!! with more frequence and more required concentration going from TT 1.18 to 1.00 jumping down each by 0.2 Never breaking the highest Green Zone BPL (40). Repeated 3 times last 50m at 1.00 to check out differences on times swimming 1st 1.00 with 2BK, 2nd and 3rd. with 6bk.

Take-away from this experiment: My personalized Green Zone would be (32-34 BPL). What do you think?
Age: 44 years old
Height: 1.75m
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