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just another supplement. Started yesterday same test with TT 1.22s...

TT/sec ----- SPL1/SPL2 ----- Time/100m
1.22 ------- 41/39 ----------- 1:44
1.20 ------- 39/40 ----------- 1:41
1.18 ------- 41/43 ----------- 1:45
1.16 ------- 43/44 ----------- 1:49
1.14 ------- 44/44 ----------- 1:48 < one bong more for turn and push off
1.14 ------- 43/45 ----------- 1:48 < one bong more for turn and push off

Only (possible) FP: Flat spear.

Thought "This was the day my friend..." relaxed with 200m very slow BS, would call it SG-BS... and had some time left. So I decided 4-3-2-1 as long as possible with TT@ 1.3s. Felt swimable and went best for my skills. All 39-42SPL (less than 2min/100m).

So after all These tests I'd advocate to hold the broad GZs. Seems to have options at higher SR and more SPL and swimming at lower SPL either. To get a narrower range TI should develop a short test for warm up for "SPL of the day"... Because not everyone has Terry's skill to swim two laps and know the "my SPL of today".

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