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Default More Precise Green Zone

My height is 71 inches, Green Zone for a 25m pool is 16 SPL -20 SPL but, I believe believe closer to 16.5-20.5.

My main pool for swimming is the JCC which is an outdoor 25M pool. So I chose to do the 100s set Terry had done. Although I decided to take my TT settings down to .94 since I sometimes swim at the faster tempos.

Using Terry’s starting point of 1.3 and reduced each by .02. I figured the first 5-10 would be a good slow warm-up as it has been a while since I have swum at 1.3. My stroke count started at 17spl for 1.3 and then went to 16spl for 1.28, 1.26, and then back to 17 for 1.24 and 1.20.

Starting at 1.18 I held at 18spl to 1.08, and 19spl to .98. My next to last 2 x 100 were at 20spl ending at .94 so I decided to go back to .98 and was back at 18spl.

I think for me my personal Green Zone my range this day was 17 to 19 between 1.2 and .98.

I plan to conduct the 50M pool tests soon.
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