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Default Main Set: 3 rounds of (4 x 75y) FR repeats

Wed 23 Dec 2900y in 60 minutes at Bard College
6 x 200 on 4:00 Descend, while holding stroke count constant.
Each 200 was 50BK-25FR-50BK-25FR-50BK
I held 16SPL on BK and 15SPL on FR
I decided to favor backstroke in my Tuneup today because I planned to swim free on my Main Set.

8 x 50 FR on 1:00 Increase Tempo 1.1 to 1.03 while holding 15+16 SPL.
I prepared for my Main Set with a Tempo exercise in the range of stroke counts I planned to use on the Main Set. My goal was to 'groove' a light-but-quick feeling at those counts.
I made an educated guess that a 1.1 tempo would result in swimming 15+16 pretty easily me there.
I increased tempo by .01 each 50, aiming to reach quickest tempo at which I could still hold that count with strong focus but no strain. I reached 1.03 with the SPL and feeling I was looking for. I felt ready to begin Main Set.

Main Set
3 rounds of (4 x 75) FR at 15+16+17 Strokes.
My plan was to descend each round to faster than 500 race pace while holding stroke count.
I swam these 75s the same way I swam a very similar set of 100y repeats on Dec 17.
In each round of 4 x 75
1st 75. Mostly emphasized establishing best form and feel. Light touch. No kick on pushoff or breakout
2nd 75 - Added firmness to the catch. One light dolphin to breakout.
3rd 75 -- Added a crisper movement in hips and felt strong in the core. One firmer dolphin to breakout
4th 75 -- Added firmness in kick. Strong, sustained flutter to breakout.
I descended three rounds as follows
Round 1 1:02 to :59
Round 2 1:03 to :58
Round 3 1:03 to :57
These were slightly faster paced than the 100s, at same average SPL, which was my goal.
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