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Originally Posted by CoachSuzanne View Post
I finished off a practice with 4 x 25 focusing on progressive breakout skills trying to maintain that speed for the length.

#1) Streamline pushoff, no kick, breakout level with the water and begin stroking
#2) Pushoff, one light UDK into breakout
#3) Pushoff ,one strong UDK....
#4) Pushoff , 2 firm UDKs to breakout
I love this set design. And it's uncanny how closely your breakout progression matched a progression I used this morning in a set of 75s. I'm about to post this practice so you'll see it just below.
Here's the breakout progression I employed on the 75s. I used same breakout on all three lengths:
1st 75 Streamline pushoff, no kick
2nd 75 Streamline Pushoff, one light dolphin into breakout
3rd 75 Streamline Pushoff, one firm dolphin into breakout
4th 75 Streamline Pushoff, one firm dolphin + strong flutters into breakout

I also love your comments about the nearly limitless areas in a repeat where we can find potential for improvement. All it takes is focus.
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