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Default Training for a 10-Mile Swim

Hello, everyone. I'm back on the forum after a long-ish break (I used to have the user name "tpamperin" but couldn't get that one working again), and looking forward to sharing thoughts and questions with everyone here as I train for the 10-mile Kingdom Swim in Vermont on July 25th.

I've been doing TI (mostly self-coached, with one lesson from Coach Dave a few years back) since 2005 or so, and have a pretty solid grasp of the basics, I think. I've been swimming pretty regularly since November, and averaging about 12,000m per week in a 25m pool.

I've never swum anything longer than 2.4 miles officially, though maybe 5-6 miles in practice as a rough guess at my longest. I'll be looking for ideas on how to develop my training between now and July to build up to holding my best stroke for a full 10 miles. I'm pretty confident of the distance, and curious about what kind of time it will take me. Sub-5:00 seems possible, but I don't really know.

So, more later about specific practices and insights, and specific questions. I've learned a lot already from this forum over the years, so I'm really looking forward to it.

If anyone has experience or ideas about how to prioritize my training, please let me know.

Happy swimming!

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